Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Heart You, JTT!

In the midst of the end-of-summer events, my full-time job, some freelance work, my magic pup, trying to integrate (almost) daily workouts in my routine, and attempting to fit in quality time with the people I care about, my little blog has been the forgotten stepchild. Still trying to work this whole new blogging thang into my equation, but I promise it will get better (and not so all over the place)!

Labor Day Weekend was full of sun, fun, friends, and dancin'...I will have a bit of a summer recap later next week, along with a summery new drawing.

But here is a quick idea:

Baby pool at the beach house, fro yo, and Braziliant Essie nail polish
Marg & double fisting ever.
My face when I realized my BFF was coming from NYC to spend a few days with us. Myspace?!
Last Reggae Sunday at the Golden Inn for the summer :( least we hung out with the guitarist and drummer at the house 'til 5am.

This short week, I had to forgo a BodyCombat class in order to head to the mall in search of a dress for a wedding we are attending in VA this weekend. No luck, but I have a few back ups that I have hardly worn.

What I did find, though, is my perfect pair of fall/winter boots. In order to not fall into my yearly seasonal depression, I decided to splurge and put them on hold 'til next week so I could sleep on it...but pretty sure by next Thursday, these babies will be MINE (aaand leather-stretched at Nordstrom - so cool they do that! - for my Herculean calves)!

I'm in <3

Today I took a BodyCombat class followed by a BodyFlow class...first time taking it, and even though I am a self-proclaimed yoga snob, I was a big fan! Nice combo of yoga and pilates and I definitely felt the burn. The Les Mills crew really knows what they're doin'!!! I'd love to train to be an instructor once things settle down a bit for me over here.

Soon, I will have lots of workout classes at my studio, Les Mills classes at my gym, runs with the pupper...I may even brave the weight room again. Plus, my yoga instructors are opening a second studio next month in the town that I work in, with more rooms, instructors, and classes, so I am pumped to see what their new schedule will be. Pilates and BarreSculpt will be offered there by one of my favorite instructors, so that is exciting. I also got a Groupon a while back for a bunch of classes at a power yoga studio in the city that I'm pumped to try.

This all makes my head spin...I better get a rough schedule down!

Gonna put this bad boy to use.

Also...Pinterest? Amazing. What another great way to organize.

I replicated this, found on a friend's board:

And I am about to spend my night doing it again!

You can follow me on Pinterest here.

Since I don't have much time for a Throwback Thursday today, I will instead leave you with this throwback:

Happy 30th birthday, JTT. You were the love of my life that never was.

Oh, for me???
Not only did I have posters ALL over my wall...gotta find those throwback pics...but I also used to send him a Valentine's Day card every year. One in particular that I remember?

Featuring the Lisa Frank ballerina bunnies. It said...."You're TUTU cute!"

Imagine my surprise when months later I received an autographed picture from him in the mail. He loved the card! Then imagine my surprise (and disappointment) when I realized the signature was in fact a stamp. Thanks a lot, JTT Fan Club, for teasing me like that.

Off to Philly this weekend to watch Coop's band and then a wedding in VA with some fun, fun people! See you next week with some freshy drawings!



  1. Oh my gosh, my best friend did her nails like that the other week - she said she saw it on a blog but I can't remember which one. It looked so cool, and it looks great on you as well!

  2. Thanks! I did pink sparkly tips this week and the neutral base, but I think it'll look better with a more grey or taupe color for fall. But I liked this look, too!