Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Can Never Be Too Old for Cartoons!

Holy hiatus, batman!

Hello from the wake of an impending hurricane and post-East Coast-earthquake!

Things have been pretty crazy 'round here...I still wanted to drop by and say hello and hit you with a Throwback Thursday. I will be back to regular blogging as soon as possible.

Throwback Thursday

For today's Throwback, here is a scanned spread out of my old Moleskine notebook with whales scrawled on it (orcas to be exact)!


Just some quick of which later turned into this:

My new sketchbook came in, soooo...get ready for a nice little influx of new drawings over the next few weeks. I have a list of things I am really excited to get goin' on, including finally opening my new Etsy store!

You Can NEVER Be Too Old for a Good Cartoon!

I also wanted to share this with you, which I thought was pretty cool...

Love this "color wheel" that I discovered on Cartoon Brew (via Slate) a couple days ago. Everyone can relate to some of these characters, I think, artist or not. From Tiny Toon Adventures, to CatDog, to Doug, to Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, to X-Men, to The Flintstones, to Peanuts, to Space Ghost, to The Simpsons, to TMNT, there is something here EVERYone can remember!

If you go to the Slate site, you can see a larger version in which the characters can be magnified. Love!

....yes, I still watch cartoons. The good, and sometimes even the bad. Yes, I am 24 1/4 years old. And yes, my dad still does, too. There is no end in sight.

Anyone who knows me knows that my biggest dream is to work in an animation studio somewhere in California, my favorite place everrrr.

I also happen to have what is, quite possibly, the largest Stitch (from the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch) collection in the world...

Yeah...not kidding. And this is a SMALL portion.
I even bedazzled my graduation cap from the U of A with a little Stitch, rhinestone by tiny rhinestone. I spontaneously decorated it, sparkles everywhere and glue all over my fingers and in my hair, in the backseat of my family's ridiculous rental car on the way to my graduation (I was so entranced that I forgot my gown. Whoops! Lauren to the rescue!).

College of Fine Arts! Hollaaa!
So into it that a few years ago I reached out to one of the most creative and talented artists/storywriters/directors/genuises out there, the creator and voice of the character himself, Chris Sanders, who has been such a great mentor to me. Check out his site and gallery...guy is ridiculously good.

If you are interested at all in animation, here are some really great blogs that I follow on a regular basis that have insanely awesome information, images, news, and more about the history and future of animation today. Also threw my current fave collaborative illustration site in here, too:

Cartoon Brew ~ Mish mash of e'rythang cartoon...all the current animation tycoons follow and contribute to this one. Insider info on new movies, lost cartoons, stories about animators, tons of exposure to up-and-coming animators from all over the world and their work, and more. Lots of really cool stuff on here...and intense reviews and discussions!

Here is an example of the fun things found on Cartoon Brew...the house from UP! has been built? And they have a video tour? So cool:

Deja View ~ Andreas Deja has been one of my favorite animators for a while now. He spent thirty years at Disney and is responsible for Scar from The Lion King, Roger Rabbit, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Jafar from Aladdin, was the character designer for Oliver and Company....just to name just a few achievements. His blog is a collection of mini-bios of favorite artists such as T.S. Sullivant (every animator is a huge fan) and tell-alls about his experiences with animation greats such as Frank & Ollie. Image and video heavy, too. Lots of test clips and storyboards and sketches. I am in love with this blog. So much that I want to marry it.

The Bear & The Buffalo ~ LOVE this collaborative site by three super talented Australian illustrators (who each have their own sites, too). They take turns picking a topic and all three run with it, doing as many sketches/finished drawings as they feel like. What a great way to stay fresh and creative.

Oh yeah...and hope all you Shore fans have a fabulous Jersday.



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