Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So I have been totally swamped at work and trying to fit everything else in when I get home, and I am trying to not get overly frazzled! But lemme tell ya, homegirl's brain is in fifty places at once. Ah, the life of a starving artist...

Meanwhile, I figured I will hit ya with a shark for the time being:

Happy birthday to my good friend who I drew this for...hope you all had a fabulous Shark Week (one of the best weeks of the year).

On a very related sidebar, my somewhat OCD tendency of writing small lists, notes, or sketches on Post-Its and throwing them crumpled in my purse to remember for later or pasting them all around my desks at work and home is becoming a little excessive. I feel like Baba Booey from the Howard Stern show (yes, I listen to Howard, and yes, I love him...any other Howard fans out there?), a fellow Post-It note addict. Too much on my mind that I am afraid I will forget, like recipes, chores, errands, drawings, meetings, blog ideas, grocery lists, workouts for the week, work to-do's, etc. Yikes!

I just can't get into the whole iCal or Google Calendar thing...I use it for appointments and alarms and things, but I like the tangibility of an actual handwritten list. Plus I love crossing things off said lists! I figured I needed to find some sort of Post-It Anonymous program or search for some sort of weekly planner.  The latter was probably more doable, so in an effort to de-clutter and simplify (and stop wasting 4,483,920 tons of paper everyday), I went on a hunt.

I REALLY didn't want it to get to this point...  (Source)

So BAM, got me one-a-these. I had one last year and it worked beautifully, and for some reason, never bought a new one. I was at first going to buy the one with Van Gogh's Almond Blossom painting on it (I have a mousepad of it and it also is the back cover of my iPod...obsessed) until I found this guy. Oh yeah.

AND it starts in September 2011...perfect. Now I can cut down on my Post-It consumption and my ish will all be in one place. Win-win. Less headaches.

I also bought a new Moleskine, the best sketchbooks EVER!!!, because mine is very close to being full. Not many things are as exciting as new art supplies. Although fun markers are even MORE exciting, a la Laura...I feel you, girl!

Hope you all have a fabulous and wonderful hump day. 
And this just means we are one day closer to Jersday. Yeahhh buddy!


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