Thursday, September 1, 2011

Go Wildcats!!!


We are so close! It's almost Friiiiday, Friiiday. Gotta get down on Friday. That means it is time for:

Throwback Thursday

Oh, college!!!! I miss it!

Good ol' U of A! (Source)
Gor. Geous. (Source)
Here is the sketch I did when I was graduating college and wanted to send out grad announcements. Instead of buying the pretty "A" ones that were for sale at my school, I opted for something


Here is the final card I sent out.

I miss college so much. And Tucson has my heart fooor. Eeev. Verrrr. Proof:

I miss the views while hiking...
A REAL wildcat (bobcat)!!! At the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
Homecoming on the mall is RIDICULOUS.

Apartment complexes had pools like this....
Pictures don't do it justice. Simply gorgeous.
My very first apartment alone...sick mountain/palm tree/pool view.
My grandma visited and I took her out into the desert.
Ocotillos are my favorite! The tall skinny cactus thing with flowers at the top.
Oh yeah...and the parties....
Late nights with friends...
I have like 30 pictures posing with this turtle. Fun fact: I collect turtles and giraffes!
Going to Coyotes games! ( hair went through many stages)
Hiking is THE BEST in the Sonoran desert.
Thursday night dance parties....

Go Cats!!! (And I am SO short.)
More turtles!!!
Mill Ave in Tempe (and a stranger...)
We have the REAL Biodome!!!
So many friends I haven't seen in years...
But I love 'em just as much!
You are in love now, too, right?!

Um. Whoa, pic overload. And this is just a SMALL snippet of my life out there. Miss it!

I am jealous of my little sister and her fun new apartment and crazy college town. She goes where I went for my first two years before transferring...University of Delaware....and I have an intense love for Newark. Love all the little shops and restaurants and bars and campus and architecture...oh, and the people! Great school. I plan on going there often to see Sista and grab dinner or fro yo or a drink (or six). Something about being back in that town makes me so deliriously happy...freshman year was one of the most fun and life-changing experiences of my life. It just feels right when I am back there. Plus, they have lots of newbie places on Main Street Chipotle (<3), an new Irish pub that I love, and this Winehouse I'm dying to go to.

On the homefront, look what I came home to the other day.

Yes. Dragging 3/4 of a duffel bag through a little hole in his crate.

This bag was no. Where. Close. To him.

He is a magic dog.

Pretty sure this was the same day he was mad at me for not feeding him right away at 5:45 AM when he woke up and decided to snack on my straightener cord instead. Good thing my dad designs wiring harnesses and is a pro at repairing such things.

All bettah after surgery!
Speaking of magic, I promise to be back next week with a magical Healthified Mac 'n' Cheese recipe and some freshy drawings. Until then, enjoy your last (long!) weekend of summer! ...well, fall doesn't technically start 'til the 23rd, but something about Labor Day Weekend signifies the end of summer for me. Depressing. But you best believe I will celebrate it right!

Oh, and happy September! Officially my second month of blogging has begun. Little bloggy is growing up! Also, as of today, I am a new member of "20 Something Bloggers;" starting to feel like a real blogger now!

Some things I look forward to this month?
  • LDW! We're going to play hard.
  • A fun wedding with fun people in Virginia! Roadtriiiip. (I need a dress...oops.)
  • Integrating Kodes into Philly.
  • Starting to cook/bake with pumpkin on the reg! It's acceptable in September, right? Then I have pumpkin picking and carving to look forward to!!!
  • Pretty fall-ish nail polish this. 
(How great is Pinterest?!)
  • Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!
  • Winery outing (in the cooler weather!) with live music and light food and tastings.
  • Oh, and September 1st means beginning to utilize this little I don't go through 4893420 Post-Its a month, instead. I feel so organized!

Peace out.

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  1. Hi there! I'm visiting from 20 Something Bloggers. You're sketch is awesome. And I looove your husky furbaby too :)

    I know what you mean about missing college. I cannot believe it's been three years since I graduated. Great memories!

    Have a good weekend!