About Me

Welcome! (to be updated soon!)
Oh, hello!

My name is Sam and I am an illustrator and graphic designer. I am a University of Arizona alum (waddup, Tucson!) and currently live and work in a South Jersey suburb of Philadelphia. You can find my illustration website here! This is my temporary blog name until I get into the swing of things and really know what I am doing, so bear with me, here! You can see why I wanted to start a blog in my first post ever, here.

I am a big kid and love to laugh; everyday, I try to live by the Dr. Seuss quote, “Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them!”

When not drawing, I love spending time with my family and friends, discovering new restaurants, working out, cooking, dancing, reading, watching movies, and visiting new and exciting places (and now I guess I can add blogging to that list)! I am also the mama of a Siberian husky puppy named Koda...he's crazy, but I love him!

Hope you enjoy my little blog!