Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A few of my (current) favorite things

Afternoon, lovelies!

Here are some things I am excited about today. I am easily amused, so this list changes hourly, but here is a snapshot into my current frame of mind:

  • BodyPump is my new love. I was sore in a great way yesterday after first trying the 'Pump on Monday, and on Tuesday, opted to take a BodyCombat AND BodyFlow class after to calm down and stretch out a bit. Let's just say that today I have some trouble walking! Ouch. Between deadlifts, weighed squats, and various other types of lifting that I haven't done in ages, I am glad I stuck with low weight for my first time. My biceps and butt are feeling it especially. I have heard it takes a few times to get your body used to it and then you can increase the weight. Still, hurts-so-good. #LesMillsAddict...guilty!


  • This dressing. I have been lusting over Lite Goddess dressing since I tried a sample from my mom's work. She works in the office of a company that makes all kinds of awesome dressings and sauces for stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. She has been waiting until they bottled it again. My present yesterday? A fresh-off-the-assembly-line bottle of Annie's Natural Lite Goddess. Kodes loves it too.

Get in muh belly.

  • Sparkle.

  • Also, besides the dino book, I found my other future Christmas present. Who wants to buy this for me? It will only set you back about $2,499, NBD. I will reward you with showers of Koda kisses.

(I should start playing the lotto. Stat.)

Also, two things worth checking out today.

You should go to Jess' awesome blog, Love Notes From My BlackBerry. Straight from her bio: 

single twentysomething female with stories to tell, dates to go on, and life to live
It’s not about counting the number of dates, it’s about living, learning, and loving.  

I was excited to design her new header, especially the caricature of her, complete with a glass of red wine. Girl after my heart.

And then, Laura over at Laura Likes Design is hosting a Love Grown Granola giveaway. 

I'm dying to try this stuff, it's been all over the healthy living blogosphere lately and I'm so impressed with the company's marketing. Offering their foods for review and giveaways really shows how proud they are of their product. If you are interested, definitely head over to Laura Likes Design to enter....heck, check it out anyway. Love her blog!

And here's a leetle preview of my most recent drawing endeavor:

Any guesses?

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Body pump is definitely on my list of things to try!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out Sam! And that BodyPump class sounds amazing - I need something like that to kick my butt into shape. There's a class at my gym called body sculpting, which sounds basically the same based on the description so I might try it out tomorrow.

    Great post, keep 'em coming!

  3. Thanks, Jess! I also take a BarreSculpt class at my yoga studio that is based on very small isometric movements and it has definitely helped me tone up, even without a lot of weight (we usually just use 2-3 lb weights, but after holding that up for many minutes straight, it is actually killer). Physique 57 and Core Fusion are comparable. BodyPump and BarreSculpt are both really great ways to incorporate weights into my routine...still not comfortable enough in my new gym to brave the meatheads in the weight room.

  4. It is seriously amazing! Already looking forward to taking it again tomorrow now that I am finally recovering. Let me know if you try it!