Friday, November 18, 2011

I Think I'll Go to Boston....


It's finally the end of the work week. Wahooo!

The Friday Five

1.) What I'm Reading:

Put down the last book I was reading...for some reason, it was just taking me a while to get into it, so I started another book in the meantime before I revisit it.

The Rum Diary.

So far, loving this! And I am reading it way quicker. Can't believe Hunter S. Thompson started this novel when he was just 22. Insane!

2.) What I'm Listening To:

Childish Gambino!

And Howard Best of the Week, as per usual. Chris Cornell and Chaz Bono!

3.) What I'm Watching:

Catching up on my gagillion shows, as always...and one I have failed to mention before here...I'm just loving New Girl. Girl crush!


This episode....absolutely my fave so far. Hilarious.

4.) What I'm Eating:

This mornin'....Pumpkin Protein Oats. Plus my favorite Twinings Green Tea with Jasmine (and honey).

But I am way more excited for the meals I will be eating this weekend!!! :)

5.) What I'm Pinning:

Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches...WHAAAAT.

Also these trees. I LOVE driftwood.

They remind me of my new candle holder from Anthropologie.

It's nice to have a baby sister that works there. ;)

Oh yeah....and as for the hockey game last was my two homes, head to head! Philly killed the tie with only 18 seconds left in a very uncharacteristic last-second win. SO exciting! Matt Read is pretttty phenomenal. Sorry 'Zona....I love you, but Philly sports will always have my heart. <3

Crab Fries were obviously consumed.

Also, Giroux is rocking a serious Movember 'stache. Gotta love that.


Any fun plans for the weekend? I am going on a mini-getaway to BOSTON for the first time ever (in case you didn't realize that already from my "hints" and post title)!! We have so many things planned, and I cannot wait to recap it all! Any places I should try to hit up while I am there? SO EXCITED. :)

See ya next week, babes!


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