Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy birthday to youuu!

To my partner in crime...

Hangin' out with a griffin
Lil' Easter egg action

My fellow beach bunny....

Chillaxin' in South Beach

Gettin' Legendary in Avalon

The one who isn't afraid to fist pump with me...

Standard night out with Coop and Sam....

Or just be goofy with me....

Late night ice cream cake...decorated in pure Bock fashion

To the one with matching shoes....

(And fellow beer drinker)

Playmate of my pup....

I will go to the park now, thank you!

My travel buddy...

We're in Miami, betch!
Helloooo, palm treeees

Oh...and did I mention he is an amazingly talented drummer, too? (...swoon)

Photo by Joe Spause

And the life of the party....

via John D. Wattenbarger Photography

I am a lucky girl.

Happy 29th birthday, Babe!!!

Lion & Ocelot :)


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