Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finally made the switch!!!

Hello, my friends!

So I have been toiling away, trying to make this switch. Still have some construction and design issues to deal with, but for now, at least I am live and working! My first three posts are non-existent in my import, however, and I am not sure how to get them. Any of you bloggy phenoms have any tips on that? Or heck, tips at all about WordPress? I have slaved away for the last few months trying to get this goin'.

And now for the big reveal....

Just call me....The Balance Artist. I wrestled over picking the right domain name, and wanted to have something that was all-encompassing for me. This is not just an illustration blog, and although I would love to have more art, design, and personal arting on here, I still can't deny that this is a lifestyle blog. Cooking, nutrition, and fitness have quickly solidified their places as top passions of mine, and I want to write about it all. Hopefully you will stick with me. ;) Promise, I have a whole list of exciting things coming up, from awesome recipes to art polls and updates on my illustration and design business to foodie giveaways to Best Of posts, and so much more. Oh, and a recipe (or two) and the rest of the Vegas recaps are coming this week. I am excited with the direction this is going, for sure.

If you want to follow my posts, my new address is, and I will be posting from there from now on, assuming all goes well with the switch!

What do you think?



  1. Congrats!